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Client satisfaction is a top priority at Foster Animal Hospital. Our veterinarians and team take great pride in providing every pet with high-quality veterinary care and treating each pet like they are our own. We believe that testimonials from other Concord and surrounding area pet owners is a great way to know more about Foster Animal Hospital.

In an ongoing effort to improve our practice, we would greatly appreciate knowing more about what you think of our services.

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“Our 6-year-old Lab, Callahan, suffered a torn cranial cruciate ligament in his left knee and had a TPLO surgical repair. Less than three weeks later he tore the right one also and had the same surgical repair. We feel rehabilitation therapy at Paws In Motion helped him to recover quickly. He is now better than before he hurt his legs. We are very pleased with his outcome and recommend rehab to aid in healing and getting back to normal.”

The Holbrooks